Brave Girls announce disbandment, to release “Goodbye” as final song

Just a couple years after their careers were revitalized by “Rollin'” making a viral comeback, it’s been announced by Brave Entertainment that Brave Girls would be disbanding after seven years and one final song in “Goodbye“.

An exclusive report was released earlier claiming the group would go their separate ways after their contracts were over, and Brave Entertainment responded to this by releasing a statement on the group’s fan cafe to announce the group’s disbandment.

The exclusive contracts of our agency’s four artists Minyoung, Yujeong, Eunji, and Yuna expire today (February 16). Accordingly, Brave Girls will officially wrap up their activities following the release of their digital single ‘Goodbye,’ which will be released today.
The Brave Girls members and agency decided on a beautiful farewell after an in-depth discussion over a long period of time. We will not forget the support we have for each other, and [the members] will repay the fans’ love, each from their own place.
We are sincerely grateful to Minyoung, Yujeong, Eunji, and Yuna, who worked passionately while sharing the joys and sorrows as Brave Girls for the past seven years, and we give them a big round of applause. We will always be cheering on the members’ future activities.
We also once again deeply express our gratitude to the fans Fearless (Brave Girls’ official fan club) who were always by Brave Girls’ side without fear. We ask for your endless love and warm interest for Minyoung, Yujeong, Eunji, and Yuna going forward.
Brave Girls started as “Yeokjoohaeng (referring to a song’s resurgence on the charts) icons,” and they quickly grew as a girl group with unrivaled power on the digital music [charts]. We know very well that it is due to the members and fans that Brave Girls’ journey did not stop at a miracle and that they were able to write a legend. We will forever remember the icons of hope, Brave Girls.

Not sure if the members wanted out after their rollercoaster careers to date, but if it was a company decision then it’s a truly bizarre one, as the only other artist they have is DKB, who are doing far worse than Brave Girls were.

Following their virality, Brave Girls had three comebacks in two years, which is not terrible on paper but it’s also been a full year since they last returned. While they obviously cooled off some since 2021, it seemed very possible that they could carve out a place for themselves if they continued on.

Regardless, I’m glad they at least got to have that moment on top of the world, and they’ll certainly be a part of K-pop history.


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