Lee Soo Man responds to Lee Sung Soo’s sweeping allegations by entering sad boi era and saying ‘my heart hurts’

Yesterday, sweeping allegations ranging from tax evasion to megalomania were made against Lee Soo Man by SM Entertainment CEO Lee Sung Soo, as the latest installment of the company’s internal war saga. Well, the response from Lee Soo Man was amusingly basically just that he’s sad.

Lee Soo Man told JTBC News, “I had kept quiet about the words and actions of my nephew-in-law, Lee Sung Soo.” However, he goes on to say, “I’ve watched my late wife’s nephew grow up since he was four. He joined SM Entertainment at 19 working in fan management and has stayed with me since. He’s a kind nephew who grew up in a family where his father was a minister. My heart hurts.

And … that’s all folks.

Surely there has to be a longer rebuttal planned considering the seriousness of the accusations, but for now it’s hilarious that all we get is basically just him announcing to the public that he’s weeping in the shower in some kind of ploy to garner sympathy and play up the backstabbing narrative.


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