‘GIRL’S RE:VERSE’ reveals debut lineup full of familiar faces & announces group name

Virtual idol survival show GIRL’S RE:VERSE has recently concluded with its final episode being shown recently, resulting in a five-member debut lineup and group name reveal.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, those five members were basically the most popular ones.

Muneo (Kwon Eun Bi)
Seoritae (A Pink’s Hayoung)
Keuang (WJSN’s Luda)
Rien (LOONA’s Heejin)
Kimserena (WJSN’s Soobin)

The five-member group will debut as FE:VERSE, which I can only associate with IRON:VERSE.


The downside is that … well, all of these idols have either already had years to shine or are currently still fighting their way up the ladder. Survival shows are always popularity contests, absolutely, but it feels a bit lamer when utilizing already established idols as it feels like nobody else had much of a chance from the start. Also, since they’ve been around on shows and what not, it doesn’t break a ton of new ground in the sense that we already know most of their personas and are familiar with their talents.

The upside is that it’s a unique lineup that mixes familiar faces together and provides the rare cross-brand interactions that perhaps might also result in some quality releases, or at least some entertaining variety content.

But I dunno, man. Seeing this lineup makes me want everything they’re going to do for this group virtually done in person instead.


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Thot Leader™