Actor Kang Ji Sub admits he was a JMS member, dramatically rips up yassified Jesus picture tied to the cult

In addition to DKZ member Kyoungyoon being caught up in ties to the JMS cult, actor Kang Ji Sub has recently admitted to being a member as well, though he explained that he left years ago.


As with Kyoungyoon being outed, suspicions about Kang started with online rumors of ties to the cult following the discovery of a 2012 Twitter post.

The rumor began after an anonymous online user uncovered a post written by the actor on March 12, 2012, that read, “The birthday of the mentor of my life.”

Additionally, religious tokens related to JMS were found, a 2006 forum post accusing him was discovered, and he was caught on camera recently during a program having a big yassified Jesus painting that’s typical to how JMS cult members view him.

Following the emergence of various links to the cult, Kang Ji Sub wrote a personal message admitting that he was once a member but denied knowledge of what they were doing and saying he is a former member.

Hello, this is Kang Ji Sub. I’m posting this while hoping no one else falls victim to [JMS]. At one point, when I was struggling, I went somewhere to pray and work on myself. I really thought it was like any other church. But I left after realizing the teachings there were far from what I pursue spiritually. I left even before I found out about the disgusting things that happened. After learning about their satanic behavior, I grew worried for the people I used to know there. Again, I wish the best for those affected by the church’s actions. I am also a cult victim, so I deeply relate to the issue at hand. I genuinely don’t want anyone else to get hurt. And I’ll try my best to console the other victims, if possible, in any way. I’m getting a lot of hate and malicious comments about my family because of the things I’ve said in past interviews, regardless of how I really feel. And that breaks my heart. Please stop, since these can lead to traumatizing the victims again. And, with my utmost sincerity, I promise to be brave going forward as an actor and a member of society.

His company later clarified that the actor left JMS about 4-5 years ago, but netizens weren’t convinced as that picture of yassified Jesus was from December 2022.

As a result, Kang posted again to social media, adding the caption, “I should have thrown it away a long time ago, why did I keep it in my storage?” to what was allegedly the yassified Jesus picture.

Gonna be honest, I have no idea what to think about the people involved in this anymore. I understand that one way or another they’re victims themselves, but whether they’ve actually left or not is an important part of moving forward as obviously people don’t want to support those who are still a member and potentially recruiting others to the cult.

Complicating matters is that former members are saying the cult is telling current members who get found out to distance themselves from JMS, making people wonder whether demonstrative acts like these are just for show or not.


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