Debut of aespa’s Naevis at SXSW never happened, now feared to be scrapped #SMERespectNaevis #JusticeForNaevis #NaevisCherish #NaevisPrecious

The debut of Naevis, who hails from from aespa lore and SM Entertainment‘s Kwangya, was supposed to happen in March with an unveiling of some sort happening at SXSW. Unfortunately since Asian Junkie wasn’t able to make it to the event this year, I had just assumed that happened at some point … turns out that was presumptive and people who went were left wondering what the hell happened there.

aespa’s VR concert thing happened, but no sign of a Naevis debut.

SME is clearly mistreating her by making promises they can’t keep, and she deserves better after spending all that effort training in the computer.

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