‘Peak Time’ contestant and DGNA member Karam under fire for partying with JAV star Kirara Asuka and generally having fun

JTBC survival show Peak Time has given new life to nugu boy groups, including those that have been defunct for years now. One of those is DGNA, who haven’t done anything together since 2017, but have members Karam, Injun, and Jay on the show and impressing.

Well, I suppose as the competition heats up it’s inevitable that mess will come with it, and the 31-year-old Karam is being “exposed” with his past of basically partying it up and being “close” with JAV superstar Kirara Asuka and other women.

From the pictures I’ve seen, it doesn’t seem to show much of anything other than he’s friends with attractive people and likes to party sometimes.


Anyway, obviously this might impact Karam’s chances of success on Peak Time due to him returning to his role as an idol and having to play into those expectations. But as it stands now, I’m not sure why any reasonable adult should come away from any of this with any issue … other than being pissed he didn’t invite me to the Kirara Asuka party and that sick pool party. What the fuck, man.


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