‘Taxi Driver 2’ satirizes Burning Sun (‘Black Sun’) and Seungri (Victor) in recent episode

The recent episode of Taxi Driver 2 has a plot point that reminded many (everybody with a brain) of former BIGBANG member Seungri and Burning Sun.

During the episode the detective goes undercover into Black Sun (Burning Sun), who are depicted as people involved in bribing police, drugging women, and doing drugs themselves. He ends up meeting Victor (like Victory/Seungri) in the VIP room, and all hell breaks out eventually.

It’s not much of a consolation that Seungri be so clearly shamed in a drama, even if it was their most popular episode yet, but given that he’s already out of prison and is reportedly still hitting people up to go out to clubs without much thought, the only hope is that stuff like this indicates he’s enough of a pariah that we don’t have to deal with his comeback story or whatever.


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