Seungri’s court records reveal 29 instances of prostitution arrangement & taking molka of 3 women

Former BIGBANG member Seungri was sentenced to 18 months in prison for nine charges that he was found guilty of and eventually pled guilty to. In what seems like a split-second given how long the scandal carried on for, he’s now been released from prison and is a free man.

That said, JTBC has recently obtained the court records for his case, and the details are particularly relevant to the apologists who downplay his crimes, as they provide further information of what he admitted to with regards to arranging prostitution and molka.

He was accused of providing sexual services to visiting investors by hiring escorts for the men. Things began at the airport, where Seungri picked up investors from Japan in December 2015. Escorts followed them from the luxury car at the airport all the way to the hotel. Following which, they provided sexual services to the investors upon arrival at the hotel. It is said that Seungri offered such services to investors from Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan a total of 29 times. Seungri admitted in court that the total expenses for these added up to around ₩43.0 million KRW (about $34,000 USD).
Although Seungri’s lawyer initially refuted the charges and claimed that he did not participate in the activities, the court deemed that he had not only been reported to about every detail [by his staff] but also was present at various locations with the escorts and investors.

Yeah, 29 times … that they could prove.

Additionally, the details on the molka involvement is of particular note given how adamant Seungri fans were to me and many others who simply could parse all the news stories and avoid their attempts to confuse others.

On the other hand, another charge revealed that he had filmed women illegally right after a fanmeeting. During BIG BANG’s fanmeeting tour in China around June 2016, as soon as the tour ended, he filmed three Chinese women naked in bed. Following this, he uploaded the content to the group chat on Kakao Talk.
Although Seungri’s lawyer tried to deny it by claiming that a madame had sent it to him instead, the court ruled that he had indeed filmed it himself after testimonies from other people. Also, it was inferred from the submitted KakaoTalk chat records.

Actually, I take that back, I was wrong in a way. My stance had been that regardless of anything else, Seungri would still be a piece of shit no matter how the case turned out because he was in the molka chats, saw everything, and did nothing about it. However, it turns out he actually took molka himself and posted it to the chats, so he was an active participant in that aspect as well.

The sentencing always seemed light, but the justification given was that he’s a first-time offender. Also, Seungri’s lawyer claimed he’s self-reflecting and going through a time of introspection. Unreal, honestly.


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