Chuu signs contract with ATRP, apparently a subsidiary of BY4M Studio

Due to her complicated contract situation, one couldn’t be faulted for being a bit confused by the news of Chuu signing with a new company called ATRP. After all, it’s been assumed for a while now that she was going to be with a different and slightly less new company in BY4M Studio.

Thankfully, there appears to be some clarity on that situation which has recently emerged. A look at the records of ATRP revealed that BY4M owns 77.78% of it, making it just a subsidiary company.

So … basically nothing has changed for Chuu with this announcement, and maybe it’ll even be reassuring to know that the subsidiary is run by an industry vet in former WM Entertainment executive director Kim Jin Mi.

On April 7th ATRP said, “We are very pleased to welcome Chuu as our first artist. Chuu has infinite potential, and we will spare no effort in supporting her so that she can show off her talents to her heart’s content, and continue on a joyful and happy career. Please provide much support and attention to Chuu, who has embarked on a new endeavor.”

Meanwhile, ATRP is a new entertainment company formed by president Kim Jinmi, who served as executive director at WM Entertainment. Kim Jinmi is an icon of overcoming adversity, having at WM Entertainment personally discovered B1A4, Oh My Girl and ONF, directed A&R and production planning, and played a central role in the legend of the small-medium-agency idol in the process. Going beyond the existing K-pop industry, it is expected to lead a cultural trend without borders, and take initiative in IP production and expansion.

While some are questioning why Chuu would go with an inexperienced agency when she could probably find a big-name home for herself, surely a major factor in her choice was having a ton of freedom and control over her activities. A boutique agency seems like an ideal place for her to get those things, and it also allows her to have more leverage over her agency should any tight situation arise.

Anyway, the company has already released teasers for Chuu on new official Twitter and Instagram accounts. Hopefully this goes well for her and the mess with Blockberry Creative is over sooner than later.


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