DGNA/Team 23:00 booted off ‘Peak Time’ following Karam’s rather silly “scandal”

About a week ago, Asian Junkie covered a “scandal” that DGNA member Karam was recently involved in, but since I hadn’t heard anything else about it I assumed Peak Time and everybody else had just moved on in a rare move of general sanity.

Unfortunately, that was far too optimistic, as Peak Time recently announced that DGNA AKA Team 23:00 would be leaving the show. A nice way of saying they got axed.

The production team initially responded to the controversy by briefly stating that they’re checking into the matter. However, on April 7, the “Peak Time” production team released an official statement announcing that all three members of Team 23:00 (DGNA) — Karam, Jay, and Injun — will be stepping down from the show.
The full statement read, “After careful discussion, it was decided that Team 23:00 will no longer participate in the show starting from the upcoming ranking announcement ceremony. Team 23:00’s official statement regarding this issue will be conveyed through the broadcast.”

It’s wild because I don’t even think Karam was an active idol at the time all this was happening, and his biggest crime is … hanging out with hot women. You can truly be forgiven for just about anything in K-pop except not playing into the fantasy that you’re an available bachelor/bachelorette.


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