‘Boys Planet’ contestant Zhang Hao once faced backlash for being ‘heterophobic’ on Weibo

Speaking of being late on things, in a rather timely twist given a recent post, I recently found out contestant Zhang Hao from Boys Planet found himself under fire months ago as well, but on the other end of the spectrum as he was labeled “heterophobic”.

Back when he was introduced as the center of Group G — which I guess makes one a target — netizens/antis went digging for ammo to use against him. What they found was an old Weibo account and comments that were (amusingly) labeled as ‘controversial’ and ‘insensitive’ remarks about straight people.

He allegedly shared a post that reads, “Do you know heterosexuality? I don’t discriminate against heterosexuals, the world needs to be more tolerant of them… but there must be a lot of pressure on heterosexuals.  They are very brave, let’s just respect their sexual orientation.

Another post reads, “I can’t accept love between men and women in my whole life. It’s disgusting… Why in the world does love exist between men and women? If you have same-sex love, your taste can’t be normal!! I can’t understand!”

The sarcasm/parody is clear to anybody with a half-working brain, and you know it’s some fandom shit when somebody has to work themselves up to try and be offended about this or try to get him backlash for it.

Unintentionally, all of this likely gave him more fans than anything else, and it was honestly impressive for a young kid to counter bigotry so wittily. I haven’t been paying attention at all to the show, but this story coming to my attention certainly made me take a rooting interest.


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