TXT’s Taehyun ‘caught’ having fun at a club and being around women or something

TXT member Taehyun has recently found himself under fire after video surfaced of him sorta swaying along to music in a club. Also there were women there, which predictably makes it horrifying for fans.

On one hand, I’m not dumb and I realize why this is a controversy, as idols basically by definition monetize parasocial relationships and do the whole selling themselves as innocent and a potentially available boyfriend/girlfriend thing. Thus, of course a delulu segment of their fandoms (and their antis) are gonna blow this up.

On the other hand, it’s still safe to say you need to take a step back from fandom and get a grip if you are actually upset about this. Like for us normies or whatever, he’s just a 21-year-old that went to a club, and I find it impossible to give a shit other than to say it’s a bit of a silly of him to risk pissing off his fandom for what looks like a pretty fucking dead club atmosphere. Certainly I’d much rather party with DGNA’s Karam and his crew in Japan based on this.


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