MIRAE’s Lien under fire for writing to ‘save me’ while using a flood filter on 9th anniversary of the Sewol tragedy

MIRAE member Lien is being criticized for using a flood filter and crying for help on his recent Weverse post on the 9th anniversary of the Sewol Ferry tragedy that resulted in 306 deaths. MIRAE, a group already tied to a less than ideal decision making, is also being looped in to the backlash.

Compounding the issue, he wrote in the caption for fans to “Save me! Reason why our company needs to move soon.” and was laughing in another comment.

The tweet calling this out was created just for this incident and is currently at around 10k retweets.

To potentially make matters worse, Lien is Japanese. I say ‘potentially’ because while a Japanese person mocking a Korean tragedy is inherently likely to play out worse, it also could be seen as a reason he wasn’t aware of the date being significant.

I’m not sure how much news this actually ends up making, but personally it’s impossible for me to believe Lien did this with malicious intent, and it’s likely this was just mocking his company for not doing proper maintenance and would’ve been laughed about on literally any other day. Still, it’s one of those things that’s just a bad look when it makes the news for a group that certainly doesn’t need more of that.


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