Former IZ*ONE members Yabuki Nako & Honda Hitomi reportedly to compete on ‘Queendom Puzzle’ + JooE (ex-MOMOLAND), Kei (ex-LOVELYZ), LABOUM’s Haein as well

Former IZ*ONE members Yabuki Nako (HKT48) and Honda Hitomi (AKB48) are the first reported artists to be participating on Mnet’s upcoming show Queendom Puzzle. Mnet themselves have been coy about it, saying, “We are in the process of casting the members, so it is difficult to comment.” However, it’s hard to see a reason a leak like this would get out unless to build the hype, especially with their previous ties to Mnet survival shows, so it seems worth speculating on.

Most importantly, somebody please find me this video.


Former MOMOLAND member JooE is also reportedly participating, though Mnet has offered no confirmation. So is former Lovelyz member Kei, according to a report that has not received an Mnet response.

Update Again

LABOUM member Haein is also reportedly one of the participants.


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