Fansite of NMIXX’s Sullyoon causes her to breakdown at fansign

At a recent fansigning, NMIXX member Sullyoon was captured breaking down at tears at one point, seemingly after talking to a fan during their conversation.

The person involved was revealed to be a fansite owner, who later responded to heavy criticism by releasing an explanation and apology.

First of all, I am deeply sorry to Sullyoon for what happened. That’s what happened. Since NMIXX every comeback, I have worked hard to participate in every schedule. I want to show Sullyoon’s beautiful side to everyone. While working hard on the schedule, I also hope to get more attention from Sullyoon. So on the 21st, when I saw that she hadn’t found my camera, the physical and mental exhaustion of chasing the schedule made me feel very sad, so I couldn’t help telling her that I was tired recently “저를안 봤어요” words. Sullyoon replied that because there were a lot of fans present, she needed to watch one by one. She said that she might have ignored me sometimes, and expressed her apology. Then I realized that I had imposed my bad feelings on Sullyoon. While I was tired chasing the itinerary, Sullyoon, who did not consider completing the itinerary, was also tired. I reflected deeply on this point. After the fansign on the 21st, I also apologized to Sullyoon and reflected on it in the following schedule, and I did not want any misunderstanding with Sullyoon. Once again, I am sorry for bringing negative emotions and bad influence to Sullyoon. Please believe that I have always sincerely loved Sullyoon loves NMIXX, this is all I can explain, I am really sorry for the big impact.

Even assuming that’s the truth, it’s insanely entitled for a fansite to effectively badger her over time and attention supposedly owed to them due to her not finding his camera one time, and I’m skeptical things unfolded just the way he said considering her reaction.

While I understand that the industry effectively breeds these types of fans through the idol culture, how companies effectively use these people for free marketing, and that they’re incentivized to be big spenders in order to end up being known by idols, at the end of the day the excuse that he was tired is rather nuts since obviously nobody made him make this effectively his job to be a quasi-stalker.

Putting your favorite idol (or your job assignment, I suppose) under duress where it gets to this point over pictures is absolutely insane to any regular person. Get a grip, for real.


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