Lee Chaeyeon (ex-IZ*ONE) & Shiroma Miru (ex-NMB48) to reportedly participate in ‘Queendom Puzzle’ + confirmed are Taeyeon as MC, H1-KEY members, and at least 6 others

After the initial onslaught of reports on participants for the upcoming Queendom Puzzle survival program, it’s now being reported that former NMB48 member Shiroma Miru and also former IZ*ONE member Lee Chaeyeon will be included.

Miru has past experience in Korea, as she participated in Produce 48 and ended up finishing 20th. Since then, she has graduated from NMB48 and made her solo debut last year, though given the successes of Japanese idols in Korea of late, debuting in a K-pop group is probably appealing.

Given some of her activities and netizens existing, it should be interesting again if nothing else.

Additionally, the Miru report says that Honda Hitomi and Yabuki Nako will not be participating, so take that for what it’s worth.

Lee Chaeyeon is the real shock here, as she was both literally in IZ*ONE already and is in the midst of comeback promotions for her solo career. She was also a participant on Street Woman Fighter, and I guess this might be for promo, but I’m not sure this would really help her as a soloist.


Amid the speculation, one confirmed thing from Mnet that came out recently is that SNSD‘s Taeyeon will be the MC for the show.

Taeyeon shared, “It is an honor to take part in ‘Queendom Puzzle’ following ‘Queendom 2.’ My shoulders feel heavy [from the burden], but I feel a sense of responsibility.” She continued, “I am already looking forward to what kind of legendary performances will be born this time around.”
The production team shared, “Not only is Taeyeon [a member] of Girls’ Generation, receiving love from all over the world, she is also an artist who participated in unit and project groups with unique colors such as Girls’ Generation-TTS and GOT the beat. We think that she is the MC most suited for ‘Queendom Puzzle,’ which will give brith to a new global project group by combining various girl group members.”

Didn’t have any complaints about her in the role, so seems like a solid choice to lend some credibility to things as a highly respected senior in the industry.


Mnet has now confirmed six contestants on the show in Lee Chaeyeon, CLC‘s Yeeun, LABOUM‘s Haein, former MOMOLAND member JooE, former Lovelyz member Kei, and former NMB48 member Shiroma Miru.

They have also said that some Weeekly members will appear on the show without naming which ones, and that rumored participants Nako and Hitomi will not participate.

Update Again

H1-KEY‘s company has confirmed that members Riina and Hwiseo will be participating as well.

Seems like an odd choice for them considering their last comeback was a mini-breakout of sorts for the group, and this could mean two key members being away for an extended period.


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