All 4 members of Brave Girls sign with Warner Music Korea, though they might not be ‘Brave Girls’ much longer

In a pleasantly surprising move after being unceremoniously discarded by Brave Brothers recently, all four members of Brave Girls have recently inked a deal with Warner Music Korea.

On April 27, Warner Music Korea revealed that the four members of Brave Girls—Minyoung, Yujeong, Eunji, and Yuna—signed exclusive contracts with the agency.
Warner Music Korea stated, “We have come to an agreement with the members while prioritizing full-group activities.” They added that a new group name was in discussion in various directions.

Adding to the report was Minyoung confirming it herself.

Following news of their return as a group, Minyoung took to Instagram to hint at their return in the summer. “We are preparing with the aim of greeting [fans] in the soon-approaching 2023 summer, and we will greet everyone with even better music and new sides of us. I am so grateful to the many fans who were sad and waited news of us following the report of our disbandment,” she wrote.

As mentioned, whether the Brave Girls will actually be the ‘Brave Girls’ is in question, as obviously they are named after Brave Brothers, and Warner Music Korea was cryptic about this issue by just stating that things are under discussion.

Either way, it’s certainly better result than Brave Brothers throwing them a digital single and an announcement as their goodbye for making him gobs in production fees and funding his new building.


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