Modhaus explain that ‘people and forces’ are preventing tripleS subunit +(KR)ystal Eyes from promoting, speculation turns to Blockberry

Modhaus posted a notice recently about tripleS sub-unit +(KR)ystal Eyes running into difficulties with promotions for their debut, and explained the issue in an apology to fans.

The part of the explanation that people obviously focused on was the company essentially saying that some unnamed force is keeping them from promoting on networks that aren’t Mnet.

It is difficult to disclose everything regarding the situation as it may target a certain figure or company which may lead to legal complications. What we can share with caution is that music show appearances are still unclear due to the people and forces that are keeping tripleS in check.

Naturally fans are speculating that it has to do with Modhaus signing LOONA members Heejin, Kim Lip, Jinsoul, and Choerry, who are currently gearing up for a comeback with the company as a part of what they’re calling ARTMS project (though not the group name). The timing of this being related to Blockberry Creative‘s issues with the LOONA members makes sense as well, because this is the first release by Modhaus since the company signed them up.

Of course, people are questioning if Blockberry even has the power to make some kind of unspoken blacklisting happen. That’s valid and perhaps more will come out with time anyway, but I will say that if it’s about the Blockberry stuff then it’s not really about these companies and networks being scared about Blockberry’s power or anything. It would be more about the industry closing ranks and making an example of “rogue” idols and companies. The last thing any of the power structure wants is effectively idol free agency, and regardless of whether they won their freedom legally or not, they will tend to make things difficult for the people who make “trouble” (JYJ being the most obvious example).


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