OMEGA X terminate contract with SPIRE, agree to end all ‘disputes’

OMEGA X were finally able to terminate their contract with SPIRE Entertainment after a long-running dispute with them, as the group took to Instagram yesterday and revealed they mutually agreed to settle all disputes.

Hello. This is OMEGA X.
OMEGA X and SPIRE Entertainment reached an amicable and mutual agreement to terminate our exclusive contract after careful and lengthy discussions.
As a result, [we] decided to end all disputes with our former agency SPIRE Entertainment, and we agreed to work for the development of K-pop in our respective positions.
We sincerely thank all the people who have cared about and believed in OMEGA X, and OMEGA X plans to continue our activities with the manager who shared joys and sorrows with us for a long time even from before our debut.
We will greet you with great music and further improvement.
We ask for your support for OMEGA X as we take a new leap forward. Thank you.

For those who followed along with this saga, and saw the kind of abuse they had to endure (including alleged sexual crimes), in a way it’s a bit unsatisfying that those in charge at SPIRE are essentially going to walk away from this unpunished besides tarnish to their reputation.

That said, OMEGA X have to do what’s best for them, and rather than engaging in multiple long and complicated legal battles, it’s understandable that they’d just want a fresh start in a better environment. So congratulations to them winning, and I hope people in charge at SPIRE are at least never able to hold public facing positions without backlash.


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