FIFTY FIFTY’s “CUPID” becomes first girl group song to break the Top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100 without a collab

Awhile ago I wrote about how FIFTY FIFTY shot up the Billboard Hot 100 while not charting on Melon nor Bugs. Since then, the song has continued a steady climb that has been constantly creating a new peak for the group, and now it’s on its seventh week in the charts as “Cupid” has just entered the 19th position with no indication it’ll be stopping.

This is a huge achievement for any group, but when we look at the history of K-pop girl groups that have made it into the Hot 100, the only other group that managed to break the top 20 was BLACKPINK with their collaboration single “Ice Cream” that featured Selena Gomez. That’s not all, as FIFTY FIFTY has also debuted on two other Billboard charts in the Artist 100 at 69 (nice, lol) and check in at 38 on Digital Song Sales. On the World Digital Song Sales ranking it is sitting at #2, right under Rema & Selena Gomez‘s “Calm Down“.

The group is also the third K-pop group to ever reach the top five of Billboard’s Global 200, the other two groups being BLACKPINK and BTS. All this to show, the song didn’t need physical sales nor Korean streaming to take off. While TikTok undoubtedly played a huge role in it’s success, we now finally see “Cupid” charting on both Bugs (#6) and Melon (#22), so I think it’s safe to say it’s not just a TikTok fad.

With their producer already working on their next album, I can’t wait to see where FIFTY FIFTY go from here. Huge congratulations to them, and with all their success of “Cupid” I hope to see them continue on this upward path.

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