BABYMONSTER lineup revealed in a “twist”, which includes 13-year-old Chiquita & a median age of 15

After dragging out the announcement of the final BABYMONSTER lineup for maximum attention or whatever, shithead Yang Hyun Suk announced the five members who would be in the group, which meant there were two cuts.

BABYMONSTER would be Ahyeon, Ruka, Chiquita, Haram, and Pharita, which leaves Rora and Asa out. Only thing is, a “twist” revealed that the group would actually be seven members instead due to fan opinions and what not.

Wow, who could’ve seen this coming? People were asking me whether we were going to cover this survival show, but it was clear this was basically just the group’s first marketing push. They revealed seven members and fans were invested, immediately faked a rugpull by claiming they will absolutely cut members, put them all on a reality/survival show that paints them in a positive light to get fans as hooked as possible, get them foaming at the mouth because now they’re parasocially invested, and harvest the passion by selling them that it was them who made him keep all the members because that definitely wasn’t the plan from the start. Well, now that it was the fans who made their careers, they have to buy 100 versions of the debut, obviously. Amazing work.

Hopefully YHS wasn’t blackmailed into the decision because we all know how against that he is, but either way they are actually going through with debuting a 13-year-old because YHS saw NewJeans and said “I can do worse” (to be fair, he always has). And realistically, for as much as people will understandably criticize that decision, between the company stans, group stans that got invested through this process, and whatever high marketing budget they have, as long as the concept and music and what not are reasonably coherent, the reality is the ridiculousness of their ages won’t matter.


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