TEEN TOP’s C.A.P angers fans with livestream ramblings, apologizes, then withdraws from group prior to reunion/comeback

In boy-that-escalated-quickly news, TEEN TOP‘s leader C.A.P has been removed from the group ahead of their upcoming comeback (reunion, realistically), and he has issued an apology. The member was under fire for a livestream in which he was smoking, cursing at commenters, and threatening to not do the comeback.


So basically, TEEN TOP announced a reunion after four years away following a surge of popularity thanks to an appearance on Hangout With Yoo. A couple days ago, C.A.P was doing a livestream and painting when he addressed the new viewers he gained due to the comeback news, basically telling off people who were saying he shouldn’t smoke, admonishing the viewers/fans, and saying he might not even bother with the comeback.

“Just now during the broadcast, I smoked so there were comments asking me if I could not smoke during my livestream. You know what’s annoying about this? First of all, people who don’t usually watch my stream are suddenly watching because [TEEN TOP] is making a comeback and saying that I shouldn’t do that, and I honestly hate that kind of bullshit. Why do those people come and spout that bullshit at me? You usually don’t consume my content, but when I think about it, it’s because I’m part of a group and I think I may hurt the group. If that’s the case and you don’t like me, you should have said something before I went to the military, or at least six months ago. This also might sound like it’s coming from nowhere, but fuck it. I’m thinking of just not participating in the comeback. My contract ends in July anyways.”

Aside from the childish response to holding the comeback over fans since it impacts other members, I actually don’t have that much of a problem with this, as people coming into livestreams and demanding this or that are indeed annoying as hell.

Of course, inevitably if you’re going to be an idol again then the scrutiny that comes with it will follow and TOP Media issued an apology for his actions.

“First of all, we would like to apologize for causing concern to fans and many others regarding inappropriate words and actions of our artist C.A.P during the live broadcast.
Currently, C.A.P is reflecting on the fact that he showed inappropriate behavior and is deeply regretting it.
Regarding this issue, our agency also feels responsible for the lack of artist management. We will pay special attention so that incident like this does not happen again.
Once again, we deeply apologize to many people who must have been disappointed by the careless actions of our artist.”

The company also said that contract renewal discussion with the group will be done after their comeback.

For better or worse, that didn’t seem to make the situation any better, and eventually the company announced that C.A.P would be withdrawing.

“After discussion with the TEEN TOP members, we decided on C.A.P’s withdrawal from the group as of today.
Accordingly, TEEN TOP will reorganize into a four-member system with Chunji, Niel, Ricky, and Changjo.
We once again deeply apologize for causing concern to many people through C.A.P’s rash words and actions.
The agency strongly feels responsible for this entire situation, and we promise to do our best to manage our artists.”

To be fair, it could also just be that he didn’t want to bother, deep down.

C.A.P himself sorta expresses a sentiment similar to that in his apology after his withdrawal.

“Before I start talking, I first want to convey my apology to the many people who were hurt by my words and actions.
I was aware that there could be controversy, but I only thought of myself and acted selfishly.
I was aware that they were actions to feel apologetic for toward the people who have trusted and supported me and also to the members who I have spent a long time with as closer than even brothers.
I felt that for a long time I was wearing clothes that didn’t fit. I wanted to take those clothes off now, so I ended up committing improper actions.
It’s my fault and negligence without any room for excuses.
I am sorry to the agency and to the younger members who understood my immature behavior, and I apologize to fans who must have also been flustered.
I once again sincerely apologize in the hopes that there will be no further harm to the Teen Top members and agency family who are working hard for the comeback.
Thank you to everyone who loved Teen Top’s C.A.P until now. I was really grateful.”

The mood throughout this sorta felt like he basically just didn’t want to be an idol anymore, or at least the restrictive parts of it, which is understandable in a vacuum.

Thing is, it also sorta comes off like he doesn’t want to be an idol just cause he wants to be a douchebag bro or something instead. Plus, it’s hard to give him the benefit of the doubt in terms of intent due to his past infamous moments.


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