Quick Reviews: ENHYPEN’s “Bite Me” is mostly good, but I’ve implemented an improvement

While I’ve been doing a lot of ENHYPEN’s marketing work recently for DARK BLOOD, I have also been generous and helped to make a tiny adjustment to “Bite Me” as well.

If you’ve listened to it already, most of you likely know my problem with it, but thankfully there aren’t many. A good 80% of the song is quite good, developing addictive melodies and a solid but unadventurous hook. The issue is the chanted pre-chorus not only exists to begin with, but it goes on for one repetition too long so like 30% of the song ends up being that shit.

Somebody can make the transition smoother, but you get the point. Now you could say this change ends up making plain that the song is a standard Latin-tinged dance-pop track at its core, and you wouldn’t be wrong, but that issue would exist whether you leave the posturing pre-chorus or not.

Anyway, this might grow on me eventually if I can gaslight myself into minimizing the impact of the pre-chorus, but for now by the time that part rolls around for the second time I’m left wanting to hit eject on an otherwise pleasant song.


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