Kangnam (ex-M.I.B) talked about having a song stolen that ended up hitting #1, netizens seemingly find it

Most definitely know Kangnam for being a variety star more than for being a member of M.I.B back in the day, but while guesting on the Tanakase (I assume this is a portmanteau of Tanaka-San and omakase) show for Mdromedia Studio recently, he talked about his idol days. Notably, he mentioned a time that he and a groupmate had a song they composed and recorded that was wasn’t released, but years later the exact same song came out and charted at #1.

“I’m not sure if I can share this. Back when I was an idol, M.I.B, my groupmate made a song. He wrote and composed the song and I sang it. After the pre-recording, it wasn’t released. But then after a few years, that song landed on number one on the music charts. But there was no credit given to us. A different artist under a different label was singing it. My groupmate had no idea either.”
After revealing the name to Tanaka-San, Kangnam continued, “Back then we didn’t know how to stand up for ourselves.” 

Naturally netizens went to look for the potential song, and they found out that his fellow M.I.B member SIMS had mentioned “Shower Of Tears” in the lyrics of his track To (You).

That was a song from hip-hop duo Baechigi featuring Ailee that was released in 2013, and indeed it did chart #1 on Gaon and is their most popular song. Furthermore, M.I.B were under Jungle Entertainment from 2011 until 2017, and the producer of “Shower Of Tears” was Loptimist, who was also under Jungle at the time.

That it was a notable producer who did this to him and SIMS makes this even more shameless, and I can’t imagine the level of frustration for them as they were struggling for popularity as idols and had to keep quiet as their ripped song immediately went #1 on the charts.


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