Alba Sera & Utsu-P drop powerful collab song, “God Willing”

So I believe this is a first for Asian Junkie, but when Utsu-P releases a banger I have to cover it. Now for those who don’t know, Utsu-P is a notable producer in the vocaloid community, mostly known for his metal songs. Always providing some complex and hidden meanings behind his guttural lyrics, great use of filters, and screams, his songs are always fun to unpack over multiple listens. Alba Sera is a Japanese Vtuber that’s under VERSEⁿ, and while she’s covered an Utsu-P song in the past, she’s now scored a official collaboration with the producer.

“My talent is somewhat distorted. And I know it.” This is the most powerful bludgeoning music. Today, the diva will reign once again, if God wills it.

Reign, she will. I’m not one to really pay attention to Vtubers, but I haven’t been able to take this one out of my playlist rotation since its release. Sera’s powerful voice along with Utsu-P’s distinct heavy bass lines and intensity blend perfectly well, and the melodic vocals allow for a brief break from the assault of heavy instrumentals.

Also, shout out to MANOdeMARINA for the amazing artwork done for this collaboration, as their depictions of Sera being truly insane really help sell the whole package.

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