[Reviews] PURPLE KISS’s “Sweet Juice”, FIFTY FIFTY’s “Cupid”, TAN’s “Fix YOU”

IATFB, did you really note that you liked a song three months ago and just get around to covering it now cause you’re a lazy fuck?

Yes, absolutely I did.

Uh … sorry. More coming as well.


PURPLE KISS – “Sweet Juice”

Sweet Juice” makes its hard sell immediately with the sweeping strings that cast a sense of foreboding over the entire song and sets a fantastical atmosphere that’s basically impossible for me to resist. It’s centerpiece of an excellent instrumental and is woven with a popping percussion beat and piano riff that makes for a hypnotizing combination.

One could argue that it should’ve went for it a bit more in the back-end in terms of dynamism, as PURPLE KISS have the vocals for it, but the steady momentum of “Sweet Juice” also makes sense conceptually. Speaking of their vocals, it’s a comfortable showing in a sultrier lower range that’s comes off smooth and seamless. The whisper tones are where they’re able to impart their charisma into it, and even the rap verse is using the song’s beat instead of putting a distracting break in.

While not sonically similar to their previous releases, the darker more dramatic tones are something PURPLE KISS have explored aesthetically before and comes with a twist on the whole The Grand Budapest Hotel concept. Unsurprisingly, I’m more willing to overlook quibbles with songs when the tone and aesthetic is more to my palate.



The fact that “Cupid” has blown up thanks to its popularity as background music on reels of all sorts isn’t that much of a surprise in a way. It has a dreamy and ethereal vibe to it, but also comes with a driving beat keeps things interesting and a chorus that’s built around an addictive hook with lyrics reflecting that of a hopeless romantic.

It immediately springs to mind Doja Cat‘s “Say So“, and to a lesser extent “Kiss Me More“, as it’s a simple and safe track that fits a lounging type of mood perfectly. For me what has elevated this over similar releases is universally relatable melodies and hooks, plus the harmonies of the FIFTY FIFTY members that are perfectly executed for the concept.

While I don’t begrudge those who think it’s more on the generic side of things in comparison to its massive popularity, I’ve found it basically impossible to not tap my foot along to the beat and listen to it all way through whenever it comes up. It’s been months and I’ve heard this everywhere and I still don’t hate it. Kinda remarkable.


TAN – “Fix YOU”

Fix YOU” is shameless in the way it appeals directly to the sensibilities of second-generation K-pop stans*, as its soundscape could be mistaken from something BEAST (or like INFINITE) in the early-00s, with its sleekly produced dance pop foundations.

*I admit I’ve gotten tired of people citing second generation similarities as reasons to like a song. Like okay, sorta with a concept or whatever, but the reason you remember those songs is cause the melodies absolutely FUCK, not just cause it’s quirky or whatever the shit. I do not care about it if the melodies suck ass, man.

Basically everything works to some extent, as the melodies are memorable, the dance beat keeps the track chugging along, and in some kind of miracle even the guitar lick that powers the rap breakdown makes it work without fucking the momentum entirely. It has made me want to speed on the highway multiple times while it’s been playing, so it’s dangerously addicting in a literal way as well.

Still, it’s the airy falsetto of the chorus and the sung segments that are the star here, and they’re what keep me coming back for more. It’s just an overall timeless sound that eschews most of the messy gymnastics of their competition, and they’re better off for it. They deserve more attention for this.


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