Quick Reviews: BOYNEXTDOOR provide a BRIEF glimpse of what’s to come on nondescript “But I Like You”

HYBE companies debuted LE SSERAFIM and NewJeans in 2022 to much success, and those girl groups have since only grown into their roles as fourth generation leaders. BOYNEXTDOOR is supposed to be a part of that mission as well on the boys side of things, guided by Zico under KOZ Entertainment. Early this month it was revealed they would have triple title tracks, and “But I Like You” serves as our first look at the group.

And boy, it doesn’t get any more pre-release than a song that’s like two minutes long where the verses kind meld into the chorus. That happens both because it lacks a defining melody and the vocals don’t seem to distinguish themselves in any way. It’s like they’re doing a PENTAGON impersonation without any of the attributes that made songs like Shine stand out.

That said, BOYNEXTDOOR certainly sells you on their concept well, as the bright and carefree energy lives up to their namesake. However, it’s just basic to the extent that I’d certainly believe you if you told me this was from a group that’s going to disband in four months due to them hailing out of NUGU AZ FUK Entertainment as opposed to a HYBE subsidiary group expected to be the next big thing.


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