ENHYPEN’s Korean fans issue joint statement demanding female dancers for “Bite Me” be removed, send protest trucks to HYBE

Today in fandoms-not-being-able-to-act-remotely-normal news, ENHYPEN stans (specifically the Korean ones) are gaining attention for sending a fucking protest truck to the HYBE building because they’re mad about the group doing choreography with female backup dancers.

That’s right, after fans got a glimpse of the stage choreo for “Bite Me“, both in a teaser for a Studio Choom feature video below and from their comeback showcase, they found the interactions between the members and masked female dancers to be “problematic”.

Normally, I don’t cover a pocket of fans being mad online or whatever, but these fans went as far as releasing a joint statement on behalf of the fandom.

“ENHYPEN is still a young group which has yet to celebrate its 3rd anniversary since debut, and the team’s average age is 19.6 years old, including members who are still minors. It is still too early in their careers to pull of choreography which comes across as old and suggestive.” The statement went on to demand, “ENGENE demands that all choreography involving female dancers be removed from the ‘Bite Me’ performance. Beginning with the pre-recorded stage for the May 25 broadcast of ‘M! Countdown’ which will be filmed at 2:30 AM KST, show us a performance consisting only of the 7 members of ENHYPEN. If the matter is not corrected, we will respond with additional organized action.”

That was followed by the protest trucks, which carried messages that read stuff like, “BELIFT LAB, who made a fool out of the waiting fans. The company that deters the future of the artist. The company that doesn’t have any will to grow. The label under HYBE that has the least power.” Another truck held a sign saying, “The perpetrator who causes fans to leave, BELIFT LAB. Remove the choreography with the female dancers completely. Only put the seven members on stage.

Man, no matter how long of a statement they release, and no matter the justifications they create, it all simply boils down to their fave idols interacting with the opposite sex and that ruining the illusion of their availability for them.

Sanest K-pop fans.


International ENHYPEN fans have now sent counter protest trucks.

And Japanese ENHYPEN fans are also seemingly supporting them.


Normal day in K-pop.


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