All 26 contestants of ‘Queendom Puzzle’ revealed through 4 group M! Countdown performances of 2 original songs

The countdown to Queendom Puzzle continues, as the complete lineup has now been revealed through four special performances on M! Countdown across two weeks.

The 26 contestants are as follows (no particular order): Weeekly members Jihan, Soeun, Zoa, and Soojin, Cherry Bullet members Jiwon, Bora, and Chaerin, Rocket Punch members Juri, Yeonhee, Suyun, woo!ah! members Nana and Wooyeon, tripleS members Jiwoo and Seoyeon, H1-KEY members Riina and Hwiseo, WJSN member Yeoreum, AOA member Chanmi, CLC member Yeeun, PURPLE KISS member Yuki, LIGHTSUM member Sangah, Weki Meki member Elly, former Lovelyz member Kei, former MOMOLAND member JooE, former NMB48 member Shiroma Miru, and former BNK48 member Fyeqoodgurl.

Of those, the Rocket Punch members, tripleS members, LIGHTSUM’s Sangah, AOA’s Chanmi, Fyegoodgurl, Weki Meki’s Elly, and technically the Weeekly members are the new additions that we hadn’t heard about before. All of them make some sort of sense as members of groups looking for a boost, while Chanmi obviously has AOA but likely wants solo activity chances, much like the reason Yeoreum is here.

Two notable absences are Lee Chaeyeon and LABOUM‘s Haein, both of whom pulled out of the show.

On May 18, reported that Lee Chae Yeon and Haein have decided to step down from “Queendom Puzzle” after completing the first filming. The report further stated that no additional casting will be held and that their existing footage will still be broadcast.
In response to the report, a representative from Mnet officially confirmed, “Lee Chae Yeon and Haein have stepped down from the upcoming variety program ‘Queendom Puzzle’ for personal reasons,” and added, “Regarding additional members, nothing has been decided yet.”

Understandable for Lee Chaeyeon, though not sure about Haein.


Anyway, here are the four performances in their groups and the two original songs.

PICK-CAT (CLC’s Yeeun, WJSN’s Yeoreum, Cherry Bullet’s Bora & Chaerin, PURPLE KISS’s Yuki, LIGHTSUM’s Sangah, H1-KEY’s Riina) – “SNAP”

Athena (Ex-Lovelyz’s Kei, H1-KEY’s Hwiseo, AOA’s Chanmi, ex-NMB48’s Shiroma Miru, ex-BNK48’s Fyeqoodgurl, Weki Meki’s Elly, Rocket Punch’s Juri) – “SNAP”

PICK On The Top (Cherry Bullet’s Jiwon, Weeekly’s Jihan & Soeun, woo!ah!’s Nana & Wooyeon, tripleS’s Jiwoo) – “Charismatic”

DROP The Beat (Ex-MOMOLAND’s Jooe, Weeekly’s Zoa & Soojin, Rocket Punch’s Yeonhee & Suyun, tripleS’s Seoyeon) – “Charismatic”


I have to assume this is the result of some kind of group competition on the show.

Regardless, time to debate the contestants on the show, which song (if any) you enjoyed, and which group did it better.

Not gonna lie, kinda ready for this.


Here’s an article with all the official teasers for every member, including a picture and a video for each.


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