HYBE are just trolling ENHYPEN’s Korean fans about the female dancer ‘issue’ now, and it is glorious

A few days ago, ENHYPEN’s Korean fandom (mainly) made news by sending protest trucks to HYBE headquarters over the group having choreography with female dancers for “Bite Me“. That hilariously led to counter protest trucks and general fandom friendly fire.

One video from back then that I didn’t show was the fans screaming/groaning when the choreo with the dancers hits. They mad.

I wasn’t sure what, if anything, would be done about this so-called issue, but trolling the fans appears to be the response so far from HYBE/BELIFT LAB.

While they did make changes like the fans requested, it wasn’t what they wanted. Instead, the ending pose just changed from the dancers looking down to them looking directly into the camera.

If you look close enough, I’m sure you can see them mouth “fuck you” and then sticking their tongue out at the fans.

Now that would be plenty funny on its own as sort of a up yours gesture, but they actually took it a step further.

On the group’s M! Countdown fancam, the thumbnail has the ending pose with just the seven ENHYPEN members and no dancers.

Obviously that’s not what happened, though, because the changes with the dancers and the ending pose mentioned above happened in this very same performance.

Well, turns out fans at the venue there for the pre-recording said they were rushed out after filming the ending with just the seven members, and it’s believed they re-filmed the one with the dancers after the fans left.

“I was wondering why I didn’t see this. Come to think of it, during the pre-recording when fans were present, the backup dancers were left out of the ending, and they did the ending with just the seven members. Just so they could use it in the thumbnail as in the second picture. Fuck, so I also ended up thinking that they changed the ending to one without the dancers. Ah, insane. Then, they said that they had to record something without the fans present, so they fucking rushed us out of the venue after two runs. Looks like they had to record the ending again with the dancers.”

Going through all that effort, the intent couldn’t be clearer, and it’s probably as good of a response to this “controversy” as I could’ve imagined so far.

Of course, the Korean fandom is even more pissed off now, and I have no idea if this was actually a smart business move for them, but the most important thing is that I personally am thoroughly entertained by it.


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