U-KISS’s Alexander talks about the new company, past beefs, and comeback hopes after the surprise 15th anniversary lineup reveal

Even fans of U-KISS were understandably shocked when the six-member lineup for their 15th anniversary comeback/reunion was announced, and quite frankly I never expected to get an explanation for it. Hell, apparently their new company Tango Music didn’t even want us to have one, but thankfully a hero stepped forward in Alexander, who took to Instagram Stories to give us the details.

The summary starts by saying that Tango obtained the rights to the group’s branding, and while Xander has beef with the previous company, that doesn’t relate to this current situation. He then acknowledges that U-KISS themselves had beef with each other, but basically says there were a lot of misunderstandings between them, and now that they’re older and hugged it out things are different. He concludes by saying that he doesn’t want drama and he just wants a meaningful comeback.

Honestly respect that, and I hope they get their wish.

Even the most rational K-pop fan can, at times, get lost in the narratives and forget these are largely teenagers put in a ridiculously competitive environment, and that time heals a lot of wounds. Regardless, a behind-the-scenes documentary on how this happened and how the relationships were mended would indeed be of high interest. Glad he spoke out.


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