U-KISS’s 15th anniversary comeback lineup revealed as Soohyun, Hoon, Kiseob … and Eli, Alexander, and AJ

A couple weeks ago it was announced that U-KISS would be having a reunion/comeback for their 15th anniversary, but notably the group had only three members in Soohyun, Hoon, and Kiseob. That left the remaining spots open to speculation, but in a teaser just released, the other three are revealed to be Eli, Alexander, and AJ.

That is … honestly insanely surprising to me.

Remember, Alexander was with the group for a bit over two years, and explained later that he was kicked out of the group in 2011 for not being popular. Meanwhile, Eli was technically under contract until 2019, but back in 2015 he suddenly announced he had been married for a year and had a kid on the way. Notably, he recently was on the show We Got Divorced, which showed the difficulty he and his ex were having*.

*Gonna be honest, I didn’t navigate all that, I just know it seemed messy as hell and way too much information was out there considering a kid is involved.

By far the biggest shock, though, was AJ. In 2019, AJ took to Instagram and claimed that the other members “irrationally blocked his path”, likely blaming them for preventing him from leaving until his contract ended. As I said back then, not sure why he blamed the members instead of the company, but it’s pretty clear there were issues with both. Needless to say, it’s shocking he’s back with those same guys now. But hey, old beef is one thing and making money is another, you know.


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