Quick Reviews: Fromis 9 deliver another solid single in “#MeNow”

The year-long wait for Fromis 9 to return doesn’t seem especially terrible when measured in time, but with the departure of Jang Gyuri and some minor scandals that nobody with a life cares about but K-pop fans do (dating or whatever), there was understandably some worry. Well, now they’re back with “#MeNow” and in a lot of ways they’re the same as always, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The group has been pretty consistent in churning out straightforward, quality songs that can border on great. If the chorus/hook-y element hits for you then it’s easy to get infatuated with the single (“Love Bomb“, “We Go“, even “DM” grew on me), but if it doesn’t quite work then it sounds closer to a generic dance-pop B-side.

All of that exposition is because “#MeNow” falls more into the latter category, despite being something like “Get Lucky” core. The chorus feels oddly undercooked for what should’ve been a jubilant moment, but at least the momentum of the song keeps chugging along throughout and gives it life even into its later moments. I think it should be a satisfying return for fans, and it’s a nice casual listen that I’d never switch off, but it also doesn’t reach the heights it could’ve.


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