Quick Reviews: Taeyong (NCT) fails to impress in “SHALALA” solo debut

Gonna be honest, I’m not exactly sure who was clamoring for a Taeyong solo, but we got one anyway in “SHALALA“. If nothing else, this debut drives home that giving him the ‘killing parts’ in NCT songs is a mistake.

To be fair, this is a hard song for anybody to pull off. The production is interesting but ambitious at its core, and it requires a star with the charisma to sell it and the ability to roll with its twists and turns. Unfortunately, Taeyong has neither. I understand the praise for his visual, but it seems like selling the music video with closeups and cosplay was the main focus, cause he’s not doing enough with the performance itself. Feels like an attempt to capture G-Dragon‘s energy at its best, but Taeyong just doesn’t have that kind of juice.


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