Kwon Eun Bi goes viral with her performances at the WATERBOMB Seoul 2023

Much like many of the other soloists with maturer images, Kwon Eun Bi and the WATERBOMB Festival seemed like a match made in heaven, like free virality basically. Well, she thankfully decided to put that theory to the test recently at Jamsil Sports Complex on June 23.

Honestly, fans and others were going nuts just based on the stuff she posted on Twitter and Instagram herself.

While there, she basically performed her whole complement of songs, and of course fan sites and fan cam accounts were thankfully there to capture it for the rest of us.








Most of the non-preview fansite stuff didn’t even come out yet, and it was already racking up millions of views.

Of course, the clips also had the same effect.

Can’t say I blame people. Just a comically attractive human.


Also, stream “Glitch”.


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