ATTRAKT claims others are trying to poach FIFTY FIFTY + explain the lack of recent promotions

ATTRAKT, the company that rising girl group FIFTY FIFTY calls home, has recently released a statement saying that during their rest period where the group has been recovering and making preparations for the future, another company has tried to poach them.

However, in the midst of our diligent preparations, we identified external influences approaching our agency artists and enticing them to violate their exclusive contracts with us. Through slanderous accusations against us and glorified flattery about themselves, these external influences are committing an illegal act of inducing our agency artists to make the wrong decision to ignore their valid exclusive contracts and sign contracts with them.
As this act by the external influences is an act that tramples on fans’ pure love, it can greatly damage the image and potential of these artists who only debuted seven months ago and furthermore, have a serious adverse effect on K-pop as a whole.

They have followed by stating that they will be fighting back against the company, dramatically quoting Yi Sun Shin.

Although we started off as a small company, we have had a dream bolder than anyone else, and despite difficult financial situations, we have overcome adversity and written new history in K-pop. Even in this moment, we are writing new history in the present tense, and fans not only domestically, but around the world, are cheering us on for that. Although we cannot contain our anger for the illegal acts of these impure external influences who are trying to extort the amazing miracle achieved by a small and powerless agency, we will respond firmly and deliberately and fight to the end without any compromise with these external influences to hold them legally liable.
As we deeply reflect on admiral Yi Sun Shin’s words “Those willing to die will live no matter what, those trying to spare their lives will die no matter what,” we will fight with determination to protect our artists, who have become Korea’s valuable talent, and work even harder for their growth to repay the support of fans giving their endless love.

Boy … that’s a lot.

The company also explained why they’re not promoting despite the popularity surge.

We are well aware that there are many fans who are worried and curious about why our agency artist is not promoting during a time they should be busily promoting. To be honest, one member developed medical symptoms so we discussed with the member and their family, and with the consent of both parties, she began treatment as directed by the doctor and underwent surgery on May 2. Following the doctor’s diagnosis that she would need over a month, and potentially two months for recovery, we halted the artists’ promotions and with our judgement that health is most important, we gave the other members a break too.
During this period, we significantly expanded and improved our system and have been fully prepared to better support our artists. Rather than focus on immediate interests, it is our basic course to pursue our artists’ long-term growth and development.

If that’s all true, then despite the overdramatic statement, I wish them the best in the coming fight. Also, the promotions stuff would be understandable since prioritizing the health of an artist is always a welcome sign.

While the ‘external forces’ thing has been a trend of late, the main difference in this case is it doesn’t seem like the girls themselves have issues with the company that we know of, and it’s more a bigger company trying to stamp out a new one. If that’s the case, then they’re right, that would be terrible for K-pop as it would turn these companies into like minor-league systems or something.

Anyway, hopefully FIFTY FIFTY will be returning around July or so if nothing else comes of this, so that’s something to look forward to.


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