Highlight’s Dongwoon does an apology livestream for fans angry that he’s getting married

Seemingly in perfect timing with the rant of former TEEN TOP member C.A.P, Highlight member Dongwoon released a somber apology video to fans for … uh, getting married.


In a handwritten letter to fans back on June 27, Dongwoon revealed that he was set to get married to his non-celebrity fiance in September. Even in the letter he was already kinda shitting himself.

“I’m writing you a handwritten letter for the first time in a long while. I think this may be sudden news for you. Because I’m well aware that you may be very surprised and also somewhat hurt [by this news], I feel extremely nervous and very cautious even now. But I wanted to tell you all first, before anyone else, so I’ve worked up the courage to write this letter.”

Still, some fans were obviously not happy, as Dongwoon recently went live on YouTube to apologize to fans.

“I am sorry for addressing this so late. I am very nervous. I wanted to speak to you guys sooner, but I had a lot of concerns. Because certain nuances can be misunderstood when written down, I felt it would be best to speak to you guys live, even if I stumble with my words a bit.
I think it took longer because I was careful, which in turn made you even more upset. I know (during this time) some of you guys couldn’t sleep or eat. I apologize for making that time longer for you. Because of how sorry I am, I am not able to be my normal self right now. I think it’s going to take a bit of time.”

He also apologized to his group mates.

“I am sorry for burdening you and the (Highlight) hyungs for burdening all of you. I want to say I am sorry. I will do my best moving forward. I read all your comments and thought about them these few days.”

Fans took issue with him not having a prepared apology in letter form, that his marriage might impact comeback activities, and that he didn’t communicate well enough with them.

Thing is, though, fans are somehow always upset for one reason or another whenever their idol gets married or is in a relationship. It can’t be a coincidence that only a few celebrities can ever seemingly handle things well enough for fans with an “acceptable” partner (excluding like obvious cases), so of course it mostly comes down to them being pissed that the illusion of availability is shattered, no matter what other excuses they come up with.

Either way, I feel bad for the guy, cause it’s absurd that somebody in their 30s has to read like hostage apology videos to fans over finding the love of his life.


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