Songs You May Have Missed: March 2023 (CODE KUNST, Wendy, MINO, Yerin Baek, Gaeko, ALICE’s Sohee, BUMKEY, JUNNY, more)

Hello my darlings! I’m so glad to be back.

There were so many tracks that came out during March, and cutting down this playlist was a difficult one (as in, it was twice as long as Lord IATFB likes me to make it). But I made it in the end!

Let’s go.

Note: As always now, there’s a Spotify playlist at the bottom.


A-Plus – “Candlelight”

Sohee (ALICE) (Feat. XINSAYNE) – “YOYO”

YuA – “Violet Fragrance”

Gyuahh – “Ms. Edcalls”


CODE KUNST (Feat. Yerin Baek & Wendy (Red Velvet)) – “55”

Hookuo (Feat. Jue) – “HUG”

Jayci Yucca & Dnss – “Different”

JUNNY (Feat. Blase) – “Optimist”

Dept (Feat. J.O.Y & Jaylon Ashaun) – “Oasis”

CODE KUNST (Feat. MINO (WINNER) & Gaeko) – “Jumper”

Somehow, I’m just realising this playlist has two CODE KUNST songs on it, but I have also decided it’s too late to change it now and I like them both a lot … so here we are!



Jinee – “Addicted” 

LOREN – “Folks”

BUMKEY (Feat. Moon Sujin & NONE) – “T.T.T”

COOING – “The Milky Way”

Sucozy – “Unchanged”

Ahri (Rocking Doll) – “Eyes On Me”

Padi (Feat. SOLE & MINO) – “LEMON”

March seems like it was a pretty big month for both MINO and SOLE, huh?


And that’s it!

As always, let me know any tracks you loved during the month of March, and be sure to check out the actual playlist for this post, as it has a bunch of other stuff on it.

See you next month!

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