MAMAMOO’s Hwasa reported to police by a Student-Parent association (for losers) over supposed ‘indecency’

In rather ridiculous pop news, MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa has been reported to the police for public indecency by something called Student Parents And Human Rights Protection Solidarity, which sounds like a group where if you’re pissing them off you’re doing fine.

On July 10, the Seongdong Police Station in Seoul stated that they received a complaint against Hwasa for public indecency from the Student Parents Human Rights Protection Solidarity and that the investigation is under progress.

It was reported that the Student Parents and Human Rights Protection Solidarity accused Hwasa of causing discomfort to viewers and claimed that Hwasa caused the public to feel shame by making a gesture that is out of the performance’s context.

I have no idea if that Student-Parent group is actually a right-wing social conservative group, but this move is out of the playbook of one from America. Maybe they’re normally fine, I dunno, but I’m just saying if these types of groups are mad maybe it was worthwhile to do whatever edgy shit in some capacity.

The incident in question happened on May 12 during a Sungkyunkwan University (yes, it’s university, not some children’s show) festival for Dancing Queens On The Road while she performed “Don’t” and happens about a minute in.

P Nation said they acknowledge that the police is investigating, but that’s it.


Anyway, this is another one of those issues that people “care” about, at least insofar that Korean netizens get mad about it, then international netizens at new Netizen Buzz pretend they aren’t mad they don’t like it just cause it’s cringe, leading them to basically co-sign on outsized backlash despite whatever minor shit actually happened. Now that it’s gone too far (wow, that never happens with these things!), they act shocked and have some kind of moment of clarity. Many such cases!

I didn’t post about it when this arose because, quite frankly, there wasn’t anything to say. It was like a split second of nothing and only vaguely more sexual than mainstream K-pop choreographies, so wasting time on it was pointless. Now though, this gave me a chance to shit on the faux moral bandwagoners, so I’m not gonna pass that up.


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