EXO and their medley for Dingo Music’s Killing Voice has arrived and it’s glorious

Perhaps my favorite thing about hag group comebacks with quality discographies nowadays is all the medleys that come out of it that the fetuses simply can’t match, and despite whatever drama that was going on with EXO‘s Killing Voice for Dingo Music, their episode has finally arrived.

Their medley consisted of “Growl“, “Love Me Right“, “CALL ME BABY“, “Sing For You“, “Miracles In December“, “Love Shot“, “The Eve“, “MAMA“, “Overdose“, “Monster“, “The First Snow“, “Don’t Go“, “Power“, and “Cream Soda“.

The main problem I have with this is that they don’t even hit some of my favorites from them, as their b-side version of this would probably be even better. Nevertheless, this serves as an effective showcase of EXO’s appeal*.

*Boy group who can sing, man what a concept. *Ducks*


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