KCON USA makes statement deflecting blame for the posting of discriminatory job listing

Yesterday, it was brought up on social media that jobs for upcoming KCON USA events had posted listings for temporary workers on the site Backstage, but were specifically looking for White or Asian applicants.

In response to the backlash over blatantly discriminatory hiring practices, I honestly expected something of an apology just from a damage control perspective, but instead they released more of an explanation and excuses for why this happened.

As others have pointed out though, it seems unlikely they were unaware of it, as they were changing the listing as the backlash grew and the listing was removed completely shortly after.

Furthermore, it’s notable that this was listed on Backstage and as an acting job, which allows them to list racial preferences and potentially dodge anti-discrimination laws.

Understandably, people haven’t been responding well to this explanation either, and I figured they’d have somebody to scapegoat for this to distances themselves before they responded, but instead released this Comic Sans-adjacent nothingburger of an apology. Terrible look.


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