Quick Reviews: ITZY’s pre-release “None Of My Business” is none of my business

ITZY are coming back with KILL MY DOUBT in just over a week or so, and “None Of My Business” serves as the now-prerequisite pre-release track. It can be hard to tell what to glean from these since sometimes they indicate a change in sound and sometimes they’re just an unrelated b-side.

Regardless, “None Of My Business” takes ITZY down the surprising chill and vibey soundscape path. While there’s no complaints about the visuals here from me, nor the vocals of the members that are allowed to be highlighted for once, the song itself neither has an interesting production or hook, the latter of which is just repeating the title matter-of-factly over and over.

It’s honestly hilarious that JYP is still such a stickler for certain “emotions” artists put into vocals that are inevitably processed to hell anyway, but doesn’t seem to put that same effort into the production.


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