Kwon Eun Bi stars at WATERBOMB again, this time in Nagoya + covers Aimyon’s “Ai Wo Tsutaetaidatoka”

Following Kwon Eun Bi’s appearance in Seoul and just recently in Nagoya, it’s safe to say that the WATERBOMB Festival is becoming hers alone to rule. And to be fair, she’s doing her part to deserve the title, from even the pictures she posted herself.

Unfortunately, Japan is a lot more strict about the types of cameras allowed into the events, so no fancams of basically every song she performed in her set like last time. However, there were phones allowed, so some people there had video.


End Of “Esper” & Cover Of Aimyon’s “Ai Wo Tsutaetaidatoka”

Aimyon – “Ai Wo Tsutaetaidatoka”



Greeting Fans


Oh right, the lead photo is for her upcoming comeback The Flash, set to release on August 2.

Other than being a payday for her, doing these events are good promo ideas, as if that’s what it takes to get people to look into “Glitch” and “Underwater” then so be it. Not like literally every other idol doesn’t use all their looks to their advantage, not sure why she shouldn’t just cause she has boobs.


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