Quick Reviews: “Summer Comes” with Oh My Girl pitched to the heavens, apparently

Oh My Girl is back to claim the title of Summer queens with “Summer Comes“, though quite frankly by the end of it they had me hoping it was just part of the pre-release trend. I dunno, it just feels like something JYP would direct them to do, in terms of his obsessions with not letting artists sing in their range. I suppose to some extent the shrillness of this somewhat normal for them of late, but it felt especially egregious for all the non-rap sections here. Like a couple steps away from Alvin & The Chipmunks type of thing.

Apart from that, it’s a relatively nice and safe summer jam type of song that doesn’t quite achieve anthemic status anyway, but certainly not with how straight-up annoying it can feel on replays, especially when you already know the members are capable of better. Somewhat the exact opposite of the impression you want to leave with these types of tracks.


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