The group formed by ‘Queendom Puzzle’ will have a name like one of Elon Musk’s kids

Not to spoil the fun for the Queendom Puzzle episode recaps, but this simply couldn’t wait, as it was announced that the group that will be formed from the show will be called EL7Z U+P.

That’s the kind of name where if I made it up in a shitpost, people would be throwing tomatoes at me, saying it’s too stupid for even K-pop. It’s something Elon Musk would name his child, it’s a borderline customized license plate, and it’s certainly more complicated than my sister’s streaming passwords.

The fact that the explanation is that it’s “puzzle” backwards with a random math sign and a “7” for a “z” does absolutely nothing to make it better. But hey, if it’s meant to stir up discussion about it, then that part is working at least.


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