KARA also star at WATERBOMB Festival in Nagoya, which included PDA for whatever reason

Kwon Eun Bi wasn’t the only one making headlines at WATERBOMB Festival‘s stop in Nagoya, as KARA was there as well, or at least four members were since Jiyoung couldn’t make it (and acted jealous).

Fortunately, they seemed like a quality choice for the event as well, if for no other reason than getting them to perform their Japanese discography. Once again, we are victimized by the fact that there were camera restrictions at the event, but some fans did their best with phones.


“STEP” & “Jet Coaster Love”

“Go Go Summer!”


“When I Move”

Also, Nicole and Youngji kissing for whatever reason (don’t need one).

Nicole pissing into the wind…

…and onto Gyuri.

Need more KARA activities, tbh.


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