Sohee of new SME boy group RIIZE already under fire for — grab your pearls — swearing and going to a hook-up spot

If you hadn’t heard yet, SM Entertainment has revealed their upcoming seven-member boy group, called RIIZE. Despite sounding like a League Of Legends champion or a new MMA promotion company, it’s at least not an embarrassment.

Anyway, you probably won’t be shocked to hear one of the members is already under fire from netizens, as Sohee is having his past exposed. A dark past that includes … well, swearing and trying to get his dick wet, apparently.

Sohee was “caught” going to a ‘hunting bar’ called GLAM with a friend pre-debut, basically a place where singles meet to hookup and stuff.

Furthermore, he apparently posted on Instagram that he was, “At our fucking starting place.

Some netizens are saying it wasn’t even a ‘hunting bar’ at the time he was visiting it, but honestly, what does it matter? Unless he was doing something shittier and nonconsensual there, it seems like a place for young people to hook up. I know the people whining likely don’t have experience with anything, but sometimes people like to fuck and that is normal as hell. I don’t know how else to put it. And don’t put that “culture” bullshit on me, the place exists because it is a part of Korean culture.

Anyway, I honestly don’t think anybody will care about this sooner than later if the group debuts and is successful. Tons of big idols have been dragged at debut for stupid shit and nobody brings it up anymore. I have no problem with netizens exposing actually shitty things, but this is an absurd reach.


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