Quick Reviews: BB GIRLS’ “ONE MORE TIME”, THE BOYZ’s “LIP GLOSS”, JEON SOMI’s “Fast Forward”

Couldn’t wait on putting this trio of releases into a Rundown type of post, so here they are now. Aren’t you glad?



First and foremost, I’m glad BB Girls (Brave Girls, dammit, fuck Brave Brothers) are back, and leaving their company certainly appears to have led them to upgrade their styling at least. Hopefully they’ll be continuing on for a while and make a bunch more releases.

I say this both for their story and because hopefully we get something else after “ONE MORE TIME”. This kind of release should be up my alley as a retro dance track, but literally the only thing I can remember from this is “give it to me baby“, which feels like it’s repeated about 100 times in three minutes. Perhaps if they actually put the oomf in it that Rick James did, it could work, but unfortunately that never happens and the song almost entirely revolves around that working.



The biggest news in the lead-up to their comeback has been speculation that their company is not crediting members properly, and that remains the focal point after the release of “LIP GLOSS”, which is unfortunately not a cover of Lil Mama‘s song.

For the most part, it’s a decently solid summer vibing track, but the most interesting moment came around a minute, and only because it reminded me of Fuck You. It probably could’ve been a nice little track if it wasn’t for the deranged rap break, but of course that has to be inserted no matter what.


JEON SOMI – “Fast Forward”

It’s been about two years since her last comeback with XOXO and the title track of the same name, which was my favorite release by her yet. In all that time away, I hoped that her and Teddy were at least cooking up something big for her comeback, but it’s hard not to be let down a bit by “Fast Forward”.

Somi looks great as expected, and the dance breaks are cool, but the music videos seems surprisingly understated for what it could’ve been. Meanwhile, the song is reliant on a pretty generic house beat that kinda makes it a poor woman’s Chromatica track, though I suppose voguing to this would be fun at least. And sure, I get that it would work in a club, but I’d imagine there are a bunch of other tracks that people would prefer to hear instead with either better or similar production.


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