The Boyz’s Kevin seemingly sent coded messages to fans about IST Entertainment not giving him songwriting credits on upcoming album

Companies not giving proper credit for contributions to songs is nothing new, and fans of The Boyz have apparently figured out that IST Entertainment isn’t giving member Kevin the credit he deserves on a song called “Passion Fruit” off their upcoming [PHANTASY] Pt.1 Christmas In August album.

The reason they suspect this is, well, basically Kevin himself alluding to it. On August 4th and 5th, he sent a series of emojis on Bubble that fans believe were coded.

One fan seemingly found the solution to be “PLACE PASSION CREDS”.

Of course, that could be just fans looking into things too far, but a few hours before he did this, Kevin seemed to allude to some conflict on Bubble.

In addition to the English messages, in Korean he says things like “Don’t let your creativity be stolen easily. Take care of your creative property, y’all.” and “There’s no such thing as effort without fruit. I believe everything contributes to my personal growth for the future. Take it one day at a time! One task at a time! Slow and steady!

Seems pretty clear that if those specific writing credits were not directly what he was talking about, then something similar was.

Furthermore, it was revealed that he had spoken up about this issue in the past with regards to a song called “36.5 Degrees“.

He mentioned to fans once on a private messaging platform, “So the lyrics to 36.5. ‘The only light that I need is from the crescent moon beneath your nose’. Be honest with me. You didn’t pay attention to that line because it was in English, right? Kekekekeke. I wrote that line.”

It was also revealed that Kevin started removing his profile pictures on socials, so there obviously seems to be a problem, and this isn’t the first time something like this has happened to him.


Speculating here, but the specific issue seems to be that they aren’t giving him credit for his lyrical contributions in English, as they don’t seem to respect that input (which quite frankly makes the English lyrics to songs make a lot of sense).


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