[Review] LOVElution (tripleS) continue to la-la-la their way to relevance with the wholly entertaining “Girls’ Capitalism”

tripleS and their assorted subunits have gotten off to an impressive start so far, both musically and conceptionally. “Generation” and “Rising” were both on my personal pop hits chart, while “Cherry Talk” was at least a good track as like an “Attention” sequel or something. Now they’re back with another subunit called LOVElution, and they debut with the amusingly titled single “Girls’ Capitalism“, delivering a concept, song, and music video worth remembering.


A playful yet refined production that’s powered by a beat that has some funky bounce and twang to it, “Girls’ Capitalism” starts with arguably its strongest element in the (signature, at this point) addicting “la la las” that also serve as a pleasantly melodic post-chorus as well. While it’s a bit late for summer, this fits within that carefree mod and comes with a vocal that is probably among their most competent.

Another strong point is the “call me beauty“/”inner beauty” repetition during the chorus, which isn’t necessarily immediately memorable so much as it definitely digs in on repeat listens. The fact that the song is over three minutes also gives it space to explore the concept and deliver things like a final refrain that includes an electric guitar solo that really makes it pop, seemingly made to pander directly to all my interests at once. I never had a chance, really.

Not a slight to the song, but the best part about this release is probably the music video, which would get its own post if I wasn’t a lazy fuck. It tackles a self-love message about as well as any girl group has, providing mostly humorous but still on topic rules to live by, taking viewers on a journey through the lives of the Mad Money Club (For Sad Girls), which also sorta puts a new twist on the high teen stuff. It’s just smartly executed throughout, with excellent transitions between the plot and the dancing cuts, stylish outfits, and clever sets providing constant entertainment.

Also, obviously this was shot well beforehand, but still:


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